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Cement Render

Before acrylic render there was cement render which is now considered old school. Builders who are meticulous in their finished product still prefer cement render as it will achieve 100% straightness. There are finishes that can only be achieved in cement render, for example oxide finish which gives a heritage look and that is mainly used in inner suburbs to match existing render when extending old houses.

Some of the finishes associated with cement render are stucco (rough cast) and oxide finish.


Application of Cement Render
To apply cement render successfully there are various additives that need to be used like waterproofing and adhesive chemicals. On old or smooth brickwork a splash coat with cement and best bond is required as cement render alone will not adhere properly to the surface. As cement render is a European technology it is best used with bessa blocks or cement blocks more commonly. Another crucial part of cement render is it requires a coat of sealer on the base coat before any acrylic texture can be applied to optimise water proofing and adhesion. If a coat of sealer is required anyway in certain circumstances one coat of sealer on top of the texture is sufficient.

The acrylic base coat needs to be 100% dry on any substrate before the texture is to be applied. The right temperature and humidity is vital to the application of acrylic texture as it requires consistency to dry up properly. Texture shouldn’t be applied in extreme weather (below 14 degrees Celsius or over 43). A coat of sealer is strongly recommended by the manufacturer for projects close to the beach as the salty moisture can cause rust in the acrylic render.

Due to the large variety of finishes and colours in texture it’s hard to carry all samples therefore we recommend visiting supplier’s website for details or we can provide you with samples if requested. The application of texture varies from trowel on, spray on and roll on.